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Product image of three different Focus Point cameras for different applications.

A fully automated, static capture camera system for sports.

Focus Point makes it easy to record, stream and upload footage—all at the ideal panoramic angle.

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The recording angle you’ve been waiting for.

You asked, we listened. Focus Point delivers an endline angle for volleyball, a penalty box angle for soccer, and a behind-the-plate angle for softball and baseball. Get the view your team needs to improve.

Vertical line drawing of a soccer field with a highlighted rectangle around the lower quarter of play

Penalty box angle

Vertical line drawing of a volleyball field with a highlighted trapezoid around the lower half of play

Endline angle

Vertical line drawing of a baseball field with a highlighted polygon outlining the entire field

Behind-the-plate angle

Take a second (or third) look with Multi‑Cam.

Already using Focus Indoor or Focus Outdoor to capture from the sideline? Take advantage of an all new superpower: Multi‑Cam.* Pair your existing setup with Focus Point footage for a comprehensive, multi-angle view of every moment.

*Currently only available for volleyball (all levels) and soccer (collegiate and professional levels)

A Focus Point camera with a dome-style mount, positioned vertically with the camera pointed right, next to a Focus Indoor camera facing forward

Indoor solution

A Focus Point camera with wall mount a weather shade, pointed down and to the right, next to a Focus Outdoor camera facing forward

Outdoor solution

Record, analyze and share on one platform.

Focus Point is fully integrated with Hudl, saving your program both time and money. After your video is automatically uploaded to Hudl, it only takes a few clicks to create playlists, add feedback and craft highlights to boost athlete recruitment.

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Multiple Focus Point cameras displayed next to a laptop, iPad and smartphone displaying a highschool profile page, and video review features.
A Focus Point camera in the rain.

Outdoor Sports

Bad weather? No problem.

Rain or shine, Focus Point has you covered. It’s weatherproof and impact rated to withstand the elements without a hitch.

Over the shoulder image of a performance analyst reviewing Multi-Cam soccer footage in Hudl Sportscode

Collegiate & Professional Teams

Streamline your analysis workflow.

When you see every angle, you see every advantage. Analysts can live code in Hudl Sportscode with real-time access to every angle of video footage, seeing the same moves from different angles, then send their insights and clips to the bench via Hudl Replay.

A mobile device demostrating the ability to schedule your Focus cameras to record games automatically

Say goodbye to filming pain points.

The fixed camera is always mounted and ready to use. Focus Point automatically starts recording before the first play and continues until the last point, giving your coaches and athletes HD video of every moment.

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An older couple sitting on the couch with two small grandchildren, watching a livestream on a tablet

Help your fans tune in from anywhere.

Stream directly from Focus Point to Hudl TV for a hands-free experience, then choose whether to offer a pay-per-view or free-to-view stream.

A coach using a smatphone to manage Focus recording schedules in the Hudl Focus App

Manage everything from your phone.

The Hudl Focus app makes it simple to control the camera and record on the fly, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Ready to bring Focus Point to your team?

This camera system will be available soon — fill out the form below to be one of the first to get access.